Return To The Workforce In A Timely Manner

Return To The Workforce In A Timely Manner

Physical therapy can help you recover after a workplace injury

Worker's compensation, or workman's comp, is a mandatory employer provided insurance program. It is designed to ensure that workers who experience on-the-job injuries are compensated for medical care, lost wages, and any type of long term disability resulting from these incidents.

Employers are responsible for paying for reasonably necessary medical treatment associated with a workplace injury through their worker's comp insurance carriers. That means that if the treating physician recommends physical therapy as a necessary treatment for the worker to recover, worker's comp must pay for these services within the limits/guidelines of the worker's comp program.

How can we help?

You have a choice of where you get your physical therapy under the worker's compensation program. We would like to help you! We can provide:

  • Acute injury management
  • Functional rehabilitation programs
  • Return to work conditioning

We can help you get back to work safely and more importantly, get you back to your life! Call us today to learn more.